Network Visibility Services

Network Visibility services to Stop Advanced Persistent Threats in their Tracks

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) evade traditional security controls and are usually well constructed and targeted to individual organisations. The more methodological the threat the more it indicates a higher level of sophistication.

To the attackers, execution of APT based attacks are long-term investments to syphon off intellectual property, research, trade secrets, commercially sensitive data and information relevant to ongoing national security. To you they represent malicious data exfiltration of the life blood of your organisation. Many of these attacks go on for years before being identified.


What is an Advanced Persistent Threat (APT)?

There are two factors to consider for the classification of a threat as an APT:

1- Being adaptable: The attacking techniques morph with the level of success or setbacks they encounter.
Being Stealthy: The APT is slow, methodical and can live on your network for months or even years before it goes into action.

To address this threat IT Departments need to interrupt the methods that attackers use through leveraging Threat Intelligence knowledge, event management, and correlation capabilities. They also need to be able to respond to threats quickly.

Shearwater is uniquely placed to combat APT’s through our Network Visibility Service, where we correlate the seemingly infinite streams of intelligence available and connect all the possibilities between incidents and threats no matter on which systems they exist.

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