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Developing Secure Apps

Developing secure apps starts with ensuring your code is secure Perhaps you need to develop a new e-commerce platform. Perhaps you’re considering a new customer portal. Or perhaps your organisation needs to be able to transmit high volumes of data securely. Whatever the reason, when it comes time to develop or upgrade your organisation’s web […]

Unauthenticated vs Authenticated Penetration Testing. What’s right for you?

Fort Knox, home to America’s gold bullion reserves, is synonymous with impenetrability. Despite formidable and multi-layered defensive measures, could an attacker still identify security gaps and penetrate the perimeter? Regularly checking perimeter defences can help identify potential vulnerabilities. Conducting assessments from the outside, like an attacker without access credentials, is an Unauthenticated test. But what […]

Skills Shortage Demands Fresh Thinking

With cybersecurity strategies constrained by staffing challenges, Managed Security Services helps your organisation stay safe. After investing many valuable hours training your cybersecurity team, few things are as frustrating as seeing staff up and leave to pursue job opportunities elsewhere. Yet, as IT Managers and cybersecurity leaders across Australia will attest, retaining top quality tech […]