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Why participate in Hackathons?

Turning up with your laptop for a day of pen testing may not seem like everyone’s idea of a good time. Sure – it may not be quite as thrilling as jumping into the UFC ring with Connor McGregor. But when you’re up for a serious adrenaline rush – joining a Hackathon comes a close […]

Gone Phishing

Shearwater spearheads innovation to improve email security It’s the bane of every IT department’s existence: How to weed out dangerous emails without also blocking legitimate ones. DEFINITIONS False Positive: An email that’s been wrongly identified as dangerous, when in fact it is safe. False Negative: An email that’s been wrongly identified as safe, when in […]

Shearwater Security Report | July 2019

Our monthly Security Report highlights some of the recent cybersecurity threats making headlines around the world. Compiled by Shearwater’s experienced cybersecurity professionals, this report identifies new attack vectors used by cybercriminals, and helps you stay one step ahead of the attackers. In this report we feature: · Firefox – critical vulnerability uncovered by targeted attacks […]