Capture the Flag at AusCERT2016
Open to Individuals and Teams of up to 4

Shearwater is hosting a 48hrs non-stop Capture the Flag contest at AusCERT2016.
The challenge will kickoff on the 24th of May, 5 pm and will conclude on the 26th of May, 5 pm. 

Join for exciting challenges spanning across many categories including Web, Exploitation, Reverse Engineering, Forensics, and many other.

Beginner to Veteran

The challenges vary from easy to mind-bending.

Play from Anywhere

You can play remotely or at the conference

48hrs non stop

Starts: 24 May, 5 pm
Ends: 26 May, 5 pm

winner takes all

2 Gold Class tickets for each member of the winning team.

How it works?

A jeopardy-style capture the flag contest generally has five to six categories, each with its own challenges. Each challenge is assigned a point value which is awarded to the player and team on completion. As the challenge difficulty increases, so do the point values. A challenge is solved once a participant uncovers the “flag” hidden within the challenge. The player or team then submit the uncovered flag to the score server to be awarded their points.

The individual or team with the most points will win.


Things to Remember?

        • Pre-registration only, you need to register by 24 May, 5 pm.
        • We will send you an email with all the information you need to get started.
        • The contest is open to individuals, and teams of up to 4 players.
        • A Linux based Operating System is recommended. Kali Linux, SANS SIFT Workstation, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
        • Tools that you might need include IDA Pro/Demo, Hopper, Pwntools, Volatility, Burp Suite, Metasploit, and Qemu.
        • Expect different types of architecture based challenges, include x86, x86-64, ARM and potentially others.