Guide to Developing a Cybersecurity Roadmap

Most business executives realise that cybersecurity is an important function for the success of any organisation.Roadmap-eBook

Experienced and savvy executives will look to and rely on their IT and security leaders to answer four simple questions:

  • Are our key assets secure?
  • Are we compliant?
  • Are we more secure this year than last year?
  • What will we do in case of an attack or breach?

These questions are difficult to answer without a security roadmap or plan that offers a clear understanding of what needs to protected, where the security gaps are, or how to recover from crises.

If you need greater clarity on protecting your organisation, then your team needs a refreshed and proactive security roadmap.

A proactive roadmap takes the ‘chance’ out of daily security needs, keeps your security budget in-check, and removes the need to micromanage spot-fires so you can get back to planning and leading strategic initiatives.

In this ebook we share our steps for developing a proactive security roadmap with tips on how to get started, lessons learned and guidance on how your team can meet security best-practices.

Download this ebook and learn how to:

  • Identify critical assets
  • Map and review your organisation’s risks to detect gaps
  • Plan for success and set achievable goals
  • Communicate your plan to executives and manage expectations

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