Firewall Management

Specialised management for Legacy and Next Generation Firewalls

Changing business and security demands make firewall management and monitoring an expensive challenge for organisations. Firewall management is time consuming and unless performed by dedicated security professionals, mistakes can happen and threats may filter into your organisation.

Shearwater Managed Security Operations can manage Legacy and Next Generation Firewall solutions from leading vendors at a predictable monthly cost and is capable of generating meaningful insights about data moving in and out of the organisation.

What we Offer

  • Provisioning, deployment, configuration, management and upgrade support.
  • Verification and validation of new installations prior to going live
  • Login verification, control over privileged users, and review approval of firewall rule requests.
  • Proactive management, health monitoring and alerts
  • Incident and event response
  • Firewall log management and user correlation
  • Comprehensive support up to and including level 3
  • Ensuring compliance with security standards
  • Policy development, reviews, and updates
  • Clear communications paths and a defined single point of contact

How can we help?

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