Comprehensive I-RAP Assessments

Shearwater has a proven track record in providing outstanding Information Security advice through our I-RAP qualified consultants, technicians and support personnel. By engaging Shearwater, you can be assured of obtaining a comprehensive, detailed, and meaningful I-RAP assessment to assist your organisation in achieving and maintaining compliance requirements. Shearwaters I-RAP qualified consultants are entirely devoted to providing advice, recommendations and reporting on the absolute latest government policies and requirements as well as the trends in information security.

Experienced I-RAP Assessors

Our I-RAP qualified consultants have a wealth of knowledge with government policies and standards including the Australian government Information Security Manual (ISM), the Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF), as well as various government legislations and requirements. Our consultants have extensive experience with providing guidance for achieving and maintaining these compliance requirements.

Shearwater can assist with development of your compliance framework, gap analysis, risk assessments, remediation, security advice, security solution design, product implementation and management, and more.