Security Awareness

A significant number of attacks today target the individuals within an organisation, bypassing most security controls and using techniques such as social engineering to get what they want.

Awareness, not just technology, is now a key factor in an organization’s ability to reduce risk, protect its reputation, improve governance and in many cases be compliant.

The SANS Security Awareness program addresses everything your organization needs to secure employees, contractors, IT staff, and management. 

The computer based training solution includes:

    • Personalized training that teaches your employees how to protect themselves, their families and your organisation
    • Simplified communication by breaking down the awareness program into individual training modules
    • Each training module with a focus on a specific security topic, how it affects the employee and enhanced security solutions
    • Each module in conjunction with its own set of resources to communicate its topic; including online video training, posters, newsletters and screensavers
    • Each module with its own specific image and formatting, ensuring that the materials for each training module share the same look, thereby reinforcing key awareness messages.

Using SANS Securing the Human computer training you can easily and cost-effectively train your entire organisation, ensuring compliance requirements are met and delivering maximum security-enhancement impact to your organisation.

The long term benefits to your organisation with a successful awareness program include enhanced awareness, increased security and improved online productivity for employees and the company as a whole.

For a demo of the training modules please contact us.