Information Security Consulting

Increased complexities surrounding security and its impact on other areas of the organisation’s networks, assets and corporate governance, mean organisations are requiring greater assistance in this area. But not all organisations require this expertise on a full time basis. Furthermore other organisations often require additional resources during overflow demands of special projects, tenders, etc.

Shearwater provides organisations with security expertise including acting in the role of security manager on the client’s site. Typically this service is provided on a fixed term contract for organisations requiring security expertise but not demanding a full time role or when demand requires additional resources in this area. This can be for one day a week through to monthly provisioning of these services.

Benefits of using Shearwater


Shearwater consultants are experienced in various areas of IT security and are able to use their knowledge to provide quality services to clients. Our consultants have many years experience in delivering services and solutions across a wide variety of organisations and business models. Consultants have worked with many of the leading products as well as open source solutions.

Lower Cost

Shearwater consultants have been involved in a wide range of projects and have been involved with diverse organisations. Because of this experience we are able to anticipate potential issues and proactively manage these throughout the project. In addition to this Shearwater uses proven methodologies for a number of assignments, reducing the overall time required to complete assignments, thus reducing the overall cost to the organisation.


Our security and business experience across a broad range of situations allows us to provide organisations with a core of experience that they can utilise, providing organisations with the confidence that Shearwater can assist them in mitigating security risks.

Business Focus

Security is often only one of the many business requirements of an organisation. Shearwater understands that security decisions need to be made with the organisations business requirements in mind.