Endpoint Protection Management

Remove the complexity of endpoint protection with Shearwater’s Managed Security Operations

Shearwater Managed Anti-Virus solution is built on best of breed products and offers management and monitoring by experienced staff. We respond swiftly to critical events. Our solution is centralised and handles deployment, updates, scheduling, policy and management across platforms. Shearwater often uncover instances where A/V is poorly configured and managed, and whilst A/V has never been a panacea for security, correct configuration can still aid security teams by eliminating known threats from your environment.

We ensure that A/V is deployed at every possible point of virus access. Our service covers and protects your Workstations, File Server, Gateways, and Collaborative Software and ensures correct implementation for remote users across different locations.

Having Shearwater to manage and update your antivirus means that you will always have the latest updates and patches, so you can avoid costly virus propagation and stop malware threats in their tracks.

We will work with you to run scans at optimal times that do not disrupt your business. We also handle and provide services around policy implementation.


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