File Integrity Monitoring & Management

A poorly implemented File Integrity Monitoring solution can put your Security and Compliance posture at risk

An essential line of defence File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) provides knowledge of exactly what files have changed in any given system, and can highlight the presence of stealthy advanced persistent threats and hacking campaigns. Effectively managing a FIM deployment requires dedicated personnel with extensive experience and the ability to execute against a set of often complex day tasks.

A poorly implemented FIM can expose your organisation to many false positives that can plague your environment and already stretched workforce. It can also put your compliance posture, especially PCI DSS at risk.

What we offer

  • Monitoring configurations of critical network assets, file changes and usage, and OS changes.
  • Storing logs securely and correlating them to establish patterns, this includes feeding this data into a SIEM and correlating it with other log and event data to establish relationships as quickly as possible and allow a quicker reaction to threats.

Benefits to your organisation

Just choosing the right FIM solution for you environment can be a daunting task. By having Shearwater manage your File Integrity Monitoring you will be able to:

  • Procure the right solution based on our knowledge and experience into the suitability of different products to different environments.
  • Access a dedicated resource that understands the current generation of File Integrity Monitoring tools and who is capable of managing tasks, developing policies, modifying rules, monitoring, and responding to alerts.
  • Ensure proper implementation and avoid negatively impacting other security tools.
  • Respond to changes of malicious nature before harm is done.
  • Ensure a secure implementation which uses encrypted communications among solution components.
  • Properly store hashes and monitored files.
  • Ensure administrator changes are also accounted for and correlated.
  • Facilitate a consistent build standard and effective change management.
  • Simplify Compliance with PCI DSS and other security standards.

How can we help?

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