Mail Gateway Management

Avoid the hassle of Mail Gateway Management and ensure the right solution for your environment

Our solutions are vendor neutral and scalable. We also manage policies for you and can advise on deployment of encryption, anti spam, and anti-virus solutions to compliment our approach.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Protect your organisation from threats introduced through email phishing campaigns and reduce spam.
  • Adhere to industry specific, and internal obligations and policies
  • Prevent threats and data leakage through malware command and control channels, or through internal staff mistakes or malicious intentions.
  • Ensure policies are in place to protect from spoofing, directory harvesting, denial of service, and other attacks.
  • Follow best practices in deployment and management.
  • Benefit from flexible deployment options which are scalable and easy to manage.
  • Manage your email gateway logs ad correlate that information through our threat intelligence unit.
  • Develop threat response capabilities.
  • Alert and report on emails that violate compliance requirements.

How can we help?

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