Managed Security Operations

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Reduce compliance costs and stay ahead of threats with Shearwater’s Managed Security Operations

Expensive information security products and the myriad of logs they generate are not enough to protect an organisation from compromise, unless complimented by expert management from dedicated resources.

Shearwater’s Managed Security Operations offer a comprehensive vision coupled with the availability of dedicated and experienced resources. This enables you to execute against your security strategy or offload the burden of managing complex security tools. We can offer tactical support that allows you to outsource certain areas of your security operations in a cost effective manner.

Shearwater brings to the table years of experience across high profile accounts and the means to integrate these capabilities into different environments. We can ensure a smooth and well-documented management changeover that safeguards the continuity of your security operations.

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Service Tiers

Shearwater’s Managed Security Services are geared towards key business challenges. We offer the following tiered approach to security service provision:



Our Strategic Security Management Solution offers a holistic approach to ensure that best practices are put in place. We act like your Virtual Security Operations Centre (V-SOC) and work to align information security with your business goals. From architecture and policy development to procurement, deployment, and management, we offer seamless security in support of your corporate strategy.



Tactical Security Management Solutions are focused on specific elements of security management to compliment your internal capabilities. Our tactical solutions are ideal for outsourcing certain areas of information security management. This allows you to direct resources into other areas of your organisation.

Compliance Focused


Complying with security standards such as PCI DSS, PSPF/ISM, ISO27001, ITIL, Sarbanes-Oxley, APRA and Australian Privacy Principles, as well as, internal standards and requirements can be a challenging process. Our Managed Compliance provides a cost effective solution that allows your organisation to achieve, maintain, and prove compliance.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Stay ahead of emerging threats and ensure the availability of the necessary expertise for incident response and remediation.
  • Access our comprehensive report packed with insights and actionable recommendations.
  • Gain intelligence into the cyber threat landscape and stay ahead of cyber criminals, hacktivists, and issue motivated groups.
  • Reduce the high costs associated with hiring, training, and managing security personnel.
  • Save resources by ensuring that your staff responds only to validated incidents.
  • Reduce costs through implementing effective standardisation. Our operational efficiencies ensures that we continuously drive costs down through improved processes and procedures.
  • Access a scalable and flexible solution from an organisation that is able to implement granular policy enforcement.
  • Free key staff and direct senior skills towards higher level activities.
  • Effectively manage incidents and remediation tasks to ensure that the recovery is successful, fast, aligned with processes, and well documented.
  • Ensure expenditure is directed towards protecting your most valuable information assets through a comprehensive risk and prioritisation approach.
  • Make the most of your investment and only invest in tools that align with clear policies and goals.
  • Gain access to certified and experienced staff with broad and extensive expertise across complex environments, and who are ready to augment your information security team when the need arises.
  • Enable your organisation to achieve operational excellence in information security and keep up to date with complex and continuously changing compliance requirements.

Scope of the Service

SIEM & Security Event Management
Reduce thousands of security events into a visible and manageable list of possible indicators of compromise.

Firewall Management
Manage legacy and Next Generation Firewalls at a predictable monthly cost.

IDS/IPS Management
Reduce the cost of IDS/IPS management, and fine tune systems to suit business goals.

VPN Management (IPSec/SSL)
Free up your resources and ensure that the flow of information in and out of your organisation is secure.

Endpoint Protection Management
Avoid costly virus propagation and stop malware threats in their tracks.

File Integrity Monitoring & Management
Access a dedicated resource that understands the current generation of FIM tools and who is capable of managing tasks, developing policies, modifying rules, monitoring, and responding to alerts.

Network Visibility Services
Interrupt attackers through leveraging threat Intelligence, security event management, and correlation capabilities.

Mail Gateway Management
Follow best practices in deployment and management of Mail Gateways.

Web Gateway Management
Simplify administration, lower the total cost of ownership, and gain visibility to user behavior.

Vulnerability Management
Ensure a methodological approach that covers complex environments and fulfills compliance requirements.

URL and Content Filtering
Monitor the implementation of Internet policies and acceptable Internet usage.