Penetration Tester


Being a Security Consultant within Shearwater is an exciting and challenging role best suited to those with strong time management capabilities and the desire to create a culture of excellence that far exceeds industry standards.

Shearwater is moving into its next phase of growth which is expected to be done at a fast pace and involve plenty of challenges. As we grow there will be exciting and challenging endeavours to keep you always busy and mentally stimulated. A key component of this phase is the requirement to enhance and create systems and processes to facilitate rapid growth while continually enhancing our quality.

Your focus will be on creating happy and extremely satisfied clients as well as always looking for ways to enhance our current systems and help design new ones as the need arises. The Shearwater environment is aiming for superior speed, proficiency, excellence, and margins, while striving to create the best possible working environment with outcomes that exceed the expectations of the company, our employees and our clients.


As part of your role you will be required to:

  • Working closely with a diverse range of customers to identify and solve security problems
  • Performing penetration tests and vulnerability assessments
  • Assisting other areas of the business as required
  • Engaging and building long lasting relationships with clients
  • Maintaining and improving penetration testing processes and methodologies
  • Ensuring KPI’s are being met or exceeded
  • Writing and delivering technical reports and documentation
  • Reporting to other team leads, and managers
  • Ensure exceptional outcomes for clients
  • Expectations of a minimum of 80% billable throughout the year

As with fast growing businesses, the activities required can be different and varying from day to day. As such, this is not intended as a comprehensive list of what is expected from your duties, but is to be used as a guide. As the business matures over the next 12 months it is expected that the job role will solidify into actionable KPI’s and requirements.

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