Penetration Testing Buyer’s Guide

Tips to determine which penetration testing provider is right for you

Pentesting is one of the key activities needed to ensure that an environment or application is secure. However, choosing the right penetration testing provider can be complex.

A penetration testing company should be able to convey trust and demonstrate a good track record and capabilities for the engagement that you require.

These are the people you rely on to interrogate your business systems, and use very complex tools to bombard your network. If they lack the right knowledge and experience on how to use the tools properly, you are likely to waste a significant sum of money. Even worse, they can damage, change, or take down critical components if their tools are not configured specifically for your environment.

Unfortunately, a quick Google search can’t tell you who the great and equitable penetration testers are versus the ones you would never, ever want to use.

So, how do you identify and select a reliable partner for penetration testing? This guide outlines the 10 most important traits you should seek from a penetration tester to ensure that the identified risk to your organisation is accurate and meaningful, allowing you to be proactive in reducing the risks of a cyber-attack.

Download this guide to learn about:

  • The most important traits you should seek in a penetration testing provider
  • Key questions to ask prior to engagement
  • Pitfalls to avoid
Pentesting Buyer Guide
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