Penetration Testing for Australian Insurers

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We understand the unique IT challenges facing insurers

We know what goes into a day’s work. From navigating complex regulation and an ageing IT environment to consolidating and understanding the flood of data scattered across your organisation. All this, while working with limited staff to secure the cloud, workforce mobility, and the next wave of innovation.


We understand the impact of these challenges on the security posture of insurance providers. This makes us a safe pair of hands for your industry as we optimise solutions and delivery to simplify security, compliance, and your life.

The Scope of our Penetration Testing Services


Testing covers web applications, mobile applications and web services at any stage of the development life cycle.


Testing examines the security stance around internal and external facing servers, wireless access points, VPN, firewalls, routers, and switches.

Mobile Device

A Mobile Device Penetration Test covers laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It is also used to assess third party MDM implementations and the security of your developed mobile applications.


Through this type of testing, we can evaluate your staff’s susceptibility to conduct attacker requested actions through phishing or social engineering.

What to expect from our reports

(Besides peace of mind)


Shearwater offers in-depth executive level reporting designed to provide a risk minimisation tool for business executives. Our reports are also actionable technical documents – listing vulnerabilities prioritised according to risk level – for your internal security team. All our reports allow access to mitigation strategies based on our experience in threat management for the insurance sector.

We try hard to deliver a Magical Customer Experience.

That’s our promise 

You will love our flexibility, quick response, and continuous drive towards delivery excellence. We realise that one size doesn’t fit all, which is why we are relentlessly pragmatic in optimising our services to your unique goals and challenges.

Four key elements make up our Magical Customer Experience promise:


We understand that providing value to you goes beyond pinpointing problems to providing the most direct and cost-effective route to resolution.


Going above and beyond to honour our commitments is embedded in our culture. We hire for skills and attitude, and our staff are empowered to make decisions and own the outcome.


All our consultants pursue accreditation appropriate to their domain of expertise. We also continuously refine our methodologies to fit business needs and minimise any risk of disruption.


A lead consultant and an escalation point are accessible throughout the engagement. After delivery we are readily available to answer any questions so that you get the utmost value out of the engagement.

Overall, we find Shearwater to be flexible, consultative, and delivering on their promise. They have a high level of understanding of the information security landscape and the threats that a financial services organisation has or may have in the future. They have demonstrated their capabilities and knowledge in suggesting and implementing suitable solutions.

Head of Business Management
Leading Australian Insurer
(A list of references is available on request)

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Penetration Testing is one of the many security services that we offer. We currently provide managed security operations, security consulting, compliance & audit, and phishing prevention services to some of the largest Australian insurers.

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