Phriendly Phishing unveils a revamped user interface and customisable ‘Admin Zones’

A completely revamped training interface with engaging and friendly characters
New and powerful segmentation feature empowers security leaders to create customisable ‘Admin Zones’

Sydney, NSW – Phriendly Phishing – Australia’s pioneering phishing awareness training provider –
today unveiled a new user interface and a powerful segmentation capability, solidifying its
position as a provider for enterprise and government markets.

Introducing new customisable segments – ‘Admin Zones’, Phriendly Phishing now allows training
administrators to create an infinite number of administrative zones based on geography,
department or other organisational criteria.

With a brand new user interface, Phriendly Phishing also takes advantage of innovative ways to
enhance user experience so students remain engaged, complete the training and, most
importantly, retain their newly acquired knowledge.

Understanding that security leaders want sophisticated training tools without technical
complexity, Phriendly Phishing’s General Manager, Damian Grace, said the new interface and
features allow organisations to offer an engaging training for staff and gives them the ability to
measure overall performance with increased granularity and control.

“The revamped training interface is just one example of how we improve user experience using
customer feedback and solid design principles; the use of interesting characters and reward
mechanisms are designed to engage students and drive results like never before, ” Mr Grace

Security awareness is a critical part of security strategy for thousands of companies worldwide;
Phriendly Phishing’s new ‘Admin Zones’ feature empowers security leaders to easily segment
and roll out programs to custom groups to better protect their organisations.

“Organisations can now customise solutions that best suit their needs when it comes to security
awareness, creating a workforce that is vigilant and confident about addressing suspicious
activity,” Mr Grace said.

The new version of Phriendly Phishing brings exciting new features:
– A completely revamped training interface with engaging and friendly characters
– A “gamified” incentive-based reward system
– Flexibility for students to start and pause the training at any time
– A powerful administrator portal with customisable ‘Admin Zones’
– A fully managed service with a dedicated on-boarding and success manager

The new features will be rolled out to all Phriendly Phishing customers at no extra cost.

This media release was first published on NewsMaker.