Security Awareness for Application Developers 

Organisations are dependent on critical software systems in today’s environment. These systems are a target and often the source of a large number of data breaches and security attacks.

Even with improved software development processes and growing deployment of software security tools, companies frequently fail to focus on the most effective practices for securing critical applications.

Through the education of all individuals involved in the software development process, the probability that an organisation will be compromised is significantly minimised, as well as ensuring all involved can construct secure applications from the beginning.

Securing the App (STA) delivers the precise software security awareness training that allows your team to address specific real time issues when they are encountered, from the convenience of their own office.

STA training is based around the OWASP Top 10 as well as research and knowledge from the SANS Internet Storm Center.

Selecting/developing an in-house Web App training solutions poses a major issue for any organisation, especially when it comes to keeping the training program up-to-date with the latest threat vector information. Both the level of time and effort required to maintain the program are substantial and commonly underestimated.

SANS updates the security training content to include changes in the threat landscape and ensure training is kept up-to-date and relevant for users.

SANS simplifies awareness training by separating it into individual training modules based on particular security topics. In addition, to ensure learning comprehension, all modules are accompanied by questions for reinforcement and examination of user comprehension.

Securing the App training is SCORM-compliant and Hosted on SANS Virtual Learning Environment.