Security Update – Malicious RTF files delivering Dridex Banker Trojan

11/4/2017 We have seen several examples of phishing emails delivering malicious RTF attachments disguised as other document file types by changing the file extension. We found these RTF files delivering what looks to be a version of the Dridex Banker Trojan. There is current a zero-day exploit involving RTF files opened through Microsoft Word, it […]

Cyber Security

November 2016 Internet Security Report

The ransomware threat continued to thrive with new variants, payloads and even using social media as a delivery platform. A vulnerability found in a German ISPs router caused havoc in late November with almost 1 million users knocked into darkness as the result of a recent increase in Mirai worm activity. Social engineering was brought […]


September 2016 Internet Security Report

September 2016 successfully delivered an eventful month for cyber security with a handful of threats, breaches and interesting developments in the security of Internet of Things devices. A Denial of Service attack on the website of investigative journalist Brian Kerbs was found to be largely comprised of compromised Internet of Things devices.  Ransomware continued to […]


August 2016 Internet Security Report

August 2016 was an overall interesting month for cyber security with the annual conferences taking place in America, the Census providing some interesting lessons learnt and discussion; and the Olympics creating an interesting platform for malicious actors. In addition to this, the industry as a whole experienced a diverse range of new threats, breaches and […]


July 2016 Internet Security Report

Threats Ransomware delivery through compromised websites continues to be a continued threat for end users despite the slowdown in major ransomware and exploit kit activity over previous months. There have been reports of the SoakSoak botnet performing automated reconnaissance and exploitation of websites through a vulnerable wordpress plugin resulting in the delivery of CryptXXX ransomware […]


Ten things you should know about ISO/IEC 27001

By Shannon Lane 1.    What it ISO 27001 ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security management. 2.    Why is ISO 27001 important to me? Information is the lifeblood of most contemporary organisations’. It provides intelligence, commercial advantage and future plans that drive success. Most Organisation store these highly prized information assets  electronically. Therefore, […]