URL & Content Filtering

Managed URL & Content Filtering

Shearwater’s Managed URL and Content Filtering service provides a view into your organisation’s Internet consumption to determine acceptable usage. Security and business risks, legal liabilities, productivity loss, and network bandwidth misuse, can all occur through carte blanche and uncontrolled access to inappropriate Internet content.

All URL and Content Filtering is managed through an approved change request process, which is logged and regularly audited.


Benefits to your organisation

  • Prevent Access to millions of Malware infected and phishing sites to prevent malware and virus propagation.
  • Ensure correct deployment and implementation and safeguard all aspects of web usage in your organisation
  • Access real time URL updates from cloud based categorisation
  • Support of your individual Internet policy guidelines and management of appropriate Internet based content to staff and partners.
  • Define SSL exceptions on a granular level to protect user privacy and determine the encrypted content that should not be inspected.

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