USB Drop Testing & Reporting Tool

Create and Manage a USB Social Engineering Assessment

USB drop testing and reporting is an optional feature within Phriendly Phishing Awareness Training. The feature is designed to provide you with a quick, easy and effective way to create and manage USB Social Engineering assessments to defend against USB drop attacks. This compliments other phishing training modules to further bolster your organisation’s social engineering and phishing prevention capabilities.

Cyber offenders – both nation state and criminal – usually target end users as their initial point of entry into an organisation. And phishing is their tool of trade. Commercial and government organisations need a contextualised and substantive approach to staff training and awareness to help counter phishing as a threat vector. The Australian-grown answer to that need is Phriendly Phishing. Implementation is quick and simple. And it’s a no-brainer from a cyber resilience perspective.

Alastair MacGibbon
Former National Cyber Security Adviser & Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre