Using Red Teaming to Succeed in Security

Red teaming is a key buzzword in modern cyber security, but it can have vastly different meanings to different organisations. For one, it might be a supported offensive security exercise; for another, it might mean letting a “security ninja” loose in your network with little to no supervision. It is often conducted without a true understanding of an organisation’s threat landscape, the attack possibilities, and what an organisation is really trying to achieve as an end result.

Understanding your threat landscape is extremely important in modern environments, and can dramatically affect the success of a red teaming engagement and the cost associated with it.

Join Damian Grace and Mark Hofman in a collaborative workshop that will explain the whats and hows of red teaming in a practical, jargon-free environment.Attendees will work through the following:

  • Map out the possible threat vectors and attack scenarios that need to be considered when red teaming
  • Build a comprehensive framework to evaluate your environment against the vast array of daily attacks
  • Highlight specific ways to defend against common red team attacks

The key outcomes of this workshop include a solid understanding of red teaming as a practice and a framework for making decisions regarding what’s most important to your organisation.

This workshop is specifically targeted at a managerial level and no deep technical skills are required.

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