Vulnerability Management

Comprehensive Vulnerability Management Policies to help set and achieve security goals including producing evidence for compliance audits

Vulnerability discovery, classification, and remediation is a resource intensive and ongoing process. It is a key requirement of PCI DSS and an essential security tool to stay ahead of cyber criminals and improve overall security posture.

Shearwater offers VM as part of our Managed Security Operations Suite and offers scanning for operating systems, internal and external facing servers, Firewalls, databases, web applications, switches, and wireless access points.


Benefits to your organisation

  • Ensure that your systems are patched against emerging threats.
  • Fulfill the requirements of PCI DSS and other Security Standards.
  • Ensure a methodological approach that covers complex and moving parts in your environment.
  • Discover and categorise assets according to their criticality.
  • Manually validate false positives and prioritise findings.
  • Test and validate patches prior to deployment.
  • Access tailored and comprehensive reports that reflect the implementation of your internal scanning and overall information security policies.
  • Gain access to ASV capabilities that can help maintain compliance requirements

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