Why Choose Shearwater?

Security specialisation & focus

Information Security is the sole focus of what we do. We are passionate about organisations leveraging security for success, and focus on delivering value.

Unbiased advice

We partner with clients not vendors. We have two main points that differentiate our approach:

  • We offer strategic solutions that align with organisations’ strategic goals.
  • We seek, test, and validate new technologies from different vendors in order to achieve the best outcome for our customers. We have been early adopters of technologies, many of which are now staples in the security toolkit. 

Customer centricity

We seek long-term partnerships because we are confident about the value we deliver.

We value customer service, fast response, on-time delivery, constant improvement, and client communication.

Continuous knowledge exchange

We are committed to lifelong learning, and value the exchange of knowledge internally and with our clients. Shearwater’s knowledge exchange is manifest in our comprehensive engagement reporting. We offer businesses Executive Level Reports that which highlight the risks associated with their information security. We also offer actionable recommendations for the internal security team. 


Our work in the field of information security is recognised locally and internationally with the SANS institute selecting us as their exclusive partner in Australia and New Zealand.