Your staff is the front-line in your security strategy

Your staff is the front-line in your security strategy

“Every organisation is a custodian”.

That was the message delivered by Shannon Lane, Director of Shearwater Solutions when he addressed the team at ARC Student Life at the University of New South Wales.

We’re all entrusted to hold confidential information on behalf of our customers, staff and stakeholders. That’s just as true for a private business as it is for a university.

It’s a significant responsibility.

With others so reliant on us to safeguard their data, it’s incumbent upon each of us to do everything possible to maintain the highest levels of cyber security.

Large organisations, such as UNSW, maintain databases containing a vast array of private information. From financial reports, to student records and confidential staff information, any compromise could be extremely costly for both the university, as well as the individuals effected.

Data breaches can also be detrimental to an organisation’s reputation, undermining trust in its capacity to fulfil its role as a reliable custodian of other people’s records.

While most organisations understand the need to invest in data-protection technology to prevent hacking, malware or ransomware, those who are motivated to breach these defences are constantly on the lookout for new ways to circumvent security systems.

Unfortunately, human error by those within an organisation can be a weak link. By clicking on the wrong link in an email, or opening the wrong attachment, staff can inadvertently open the back door to hackers, enabling them to gain access to an organisation’s IT systems and steal confidential data.

That’s why it’s imperative for all organisations to provide staff with ongoing training in identifying potential risks.

In line with ARC Student Life’s strong commitment to data protection, it adopts a proactive approach to maintaining stringent cyber security measures, including staff-awareness campaigns.

Give your team the tools & skills they need to block phishing emails

Shearwater has developed Phriendly Phishing, a proprietary software system with training modules that makes it easy for any organisation to enhance its online security.

Phriendly Phishing Awareness Training

A key component of Shearwater’s approach is ongoing staff awareness and training.

The Phriendly Phishing S.C.A.M. framework makes it easy to educate staff in identifying and blocking phishing emails:

  • S – Sender: Who is really sending the email?
  • C – Content: What’s the email’s content?
  • A – Action: What action does the attacker want me to take?
  • M – Manage: What do I do with the scam email?

With this 4-step approach to email security, Lane helped arm the ARC Student Life team with the awareness they need to enhance their security posture.

How can Shearwater help you?

Visit us for further information about Shearwater’s Phriendly Phishing software, so your organisation will be best placed to prevent email being used as a tool to compromise the confidential data you’re entrusted to protect.


PhriendlyPhishing by Shearwater Solutions

Phishing Awareness Training & Simulation Program 

Phishing awareness training is a scaleable, cloud-based phishing awareness and simulation program developed by certified cybersecurity professionals at specialist information security services provider Shearwater Solutions. Phriendly Phishing benchmarks employees’ existing phishing knowledge (before deploying educational modules), tests improvements and supports re-education. This journey-based approach encourages users to reach milestones and includes an option to gain practical experience with simulated phishing campaigns. It is these features that make Phriendly Phishing both engaging and extremely effective, and through ongoing research and practical experience in the field, Phriendly Phishing developers ensure that training remains current with real-world phishing threats and techniques.